About the company

Stock company Michlovský – extrusions, registered in Business Register on October 12, 2006, is an important provider of specialised construction works in the Czech and Slovak republic area. The company originated by detaching the division of extrusions and mechanisation of the company Michlovský spol. Ltd. into independent stock company.

Main construction activities:

  •  Managed microtunelling
  •  Construction mechanisation works
  •  Truck transport
  •  Construction mechanisation rental
  •  Repairs of construction mechanisation and trucks

We are quick, exact and reliable, we can meet even the most demanding and above-standard requirements.



We specialize in the area of managed and non-managed extrusions (steel, hobas, HDPE, stoneware), earthwork, engineering networks, industry objects and consolidated surfaces.

Within the field of our activity, we dispose of one of the most powerful technologies for managed extruding realisation, we do line laying with non-excavation technology even under the communications and water lines, in the workability classes up to 6-7, including the installation of pipe systems from linear polyethylen, and steel pipes until the DN 800 profile.

Thank to above-standard equipment and modern construction mechanisation, we are ready to flexibly realize the requirements for terrain modifications, property recultivation, watercourse cleaning including banks modifications, flood walls, melioration etc.

For the realisation of selected orders, we use highly universal microtunelling machine with one drilling head UNCLEMOLE TCC 980, which can handle the stones up to do 200 MPa UCS.

Our company has also division of truck transport, which offers application of tippers for the transport of loose materials, and drays with powerful hydraulic arms, as well as wide sortiment of construction mechanics.

An inseparable part of our company is also the organisational body, which operates in Slovakia under the business name stock company Michlovský – extrusions. – organisational unit, which conducts specialised construction activities in the Slovak republic.

Stock company Michlovský – extrusions has introduced the international quality management EN ISO 9001:2009.

We are looking forward to cooperate with you.